Colorado Gold Buys and Sells Precious Metals Nationwide

Colorado Gold offers only the best precious metal products: gold bullion coins and bars, silver bullion coins and bars, platinum bullion coins and bars, and palladium bullion coins and bars. If you are looking for rare coins, you might want to re-consider a rare coin purchase. We do not carry rare coins, but not because they aren't collectible or beautiful, but because they are not a good investment.

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Colorado Gold is a family-owned and operated company with offices located across the nation. We are open weekdays during regular market hours, excluding holidays. Colorado Gold has been in business for almost 40 years. We have grown our superb reputation with over 10,000 satisfied clients throughout the years.

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Spot Prices
Gold:   $1,324.80   -1.40
Silver:   $18.55   -0.05
Platinum:   $1,080.40   +1.20
Palladium:   $684.80   +2.30

Updated: Thu Aug 25

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